Home Celebrity Big Bambina: All You Need to Know About Dillion Brooks’ Girlfriend

Big Bambina: All You Need to Know About Dillion Brooks’ Girlfriend

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Big Bambina: All You Need to Know About Dillion Brooks' Girlfriend

Big Bambina Bio

If you’ve been an NBA fan, you’re probably aware of Dillion Brooks. Taking his team, Memphis Grizzlies, by storm, he has paved his way only to the top. But to what avail? He has quite a reputation in the sector, and not all of it is positive. In fact, in recent years, he is considered to be one of the nastiest players of all time. 

Although his reputation may not be good, he sure is a good player, which makes him a great fit for the Grizzlies. As he works his way to the top, he is only focusing on keeping his team in the competition. But it is not him that we’re going to discuss today. It’s Brook’s famous girlfriend, Big Bambina. 

Who is Big Bambina?

Born on May 6, 1990, Big Bambina is a model with a height of 5 feet 8 inches. She is one of the most popular models on Instagram. Although she had quite a few fans on her Instagram account, it wasn’t until she dated Dillion Brooks that she gained a massive following. 

Her real name is Danielle M Frappier, and she was born in North Vancouver, Canada. There is no available direct information regarding the parents and ethnicity of Danielle. In one of her Instagram stories, Big Bambina shared her birth certificate, which revealed that her father is from Quebec, whereas her mother is from Alberta. While she shared the certificate, she did not share her parents’ name. 

As per resources, Bambina had received her high school degree from the local school itself. However, the name of the institution wasn’t revealed. 

Big Bambina Career

After graduating from college, Big Bambina moved to establish a career in internet modeling. Various sources suggest that she was a part of many modeling projects and was even on the cover of some of the most popular fashion labels. Apart from that, she also appeared in some of the local magazines. 

Big Bambina: All You Need to Know About Dillion Brooks' Girlfriend

Currently, she is very active on Instagram and shares daily updates of her life. However, she was often asked about sexual and gender orientation on the platform, owing to which she deleted a lot of her posts. 

Big Bambina Instagram

Big Bambina’s Instagram ID is @big.bambina. After removing her posts, she has not posted anything as of yet. This points towards the fact that she is a private person who wants to keep her private affairs to herself. Although she doesn’t make any posts, she often shares a few stories to give her fans a glimpse into her life. Some of these Instagram stories showed her with Dillion Brook’s pet dog. 

Truth About Big Bambina’s Sexual Orientation

There are a lot of posts and queries online regarding the sexual orientation of Big Bambina. According to the birth certificate shared by her, she is a born female, contrary to the belief that she is trans. 

Many people were quick to point out on the internet that she is trans because of her curvy figure and plum lips. The near-perfect figure of Big Bambina made a lot of people believe that she had undergone surgery to transform herself. 

As of now, these are just baseless rumors and no concrete evidence to prove that Big Bambina is a trans. She also took to Instagram to put all the baseless rumors to rest. When she discussed her sexual orientation by providing her birth certificate in one of her Instagram Q&A sessions, she addressed how sad it is to prove every point. She said that it was heartbreaking to constantly provide proof to state that she was right. 

Is Big Bambina Dating Dillion Brooks?

Since there are no posts or official confirmation from either of them, it could be really hard to determine if they are dating. The news of them being together was first spoken in public by Brooks’ ex-girlfriend, Heather Holley. 

Big Bambina: All You Need to Know About Dillion Brooks' Girlfriend

In one of her interviews, Heather shared that Brooks and Bambina were romantically involved with each other while the former was still dating her. If her statements are true, we can be assured that the duo is in fact, dating each other and keeping their relationship out of the public eye. 

Brooks had a daughter with Heather Holley, named Mila Brooks. After Heather made claims of Brooks cheating on her, the couple went their separate ways in 2020. It can be estimated that Brooks and Bambina started dating each other. 

Final Thoughts

Big Bambina is one mysterious personality. Although she started her modeling career and continues to channel that energy on Instagram stories, there are no posts as of yet. Considering how private a person she is, there are chances that she is keeping her relationship away from the public eye too. 

Although there were various rumors and bashing against her, Big Bambina maintained her cool and fought them all. Thus, it can be stated that she’s strong, smart, and extremely private. If you want to know more about the mysterious Big Bambina, you can follow her on Instagram.  If you like the article, don’t forget to subscribe to our website traveldailynews.co.uk for future notifications.

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