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How to Clean Bong Glass: 10 Ways Ultimate Guide

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How to clean Bong Glass

Having a bong offers a number of advantages over other smoking techniques such as dry pipes, spliffs, and joints, but it does offer some drawbacks, the most significant of which is the need to clean it. But do you know how to clean bong glass? Thus, it’s not simply something you may choose to do; it’s something you must do for a variety of reasons.

There are various methods for cleaning a bong, yet they all come down to the following: wash it, shake it, and then rinse it well. If you smoke on a regular basis, it may be difficult to remember all of the procedures (no offense), so I’ve put up a simple step-by-step guide to help you maintain your glasses looking nice and, most importantly, extremely smokable. 

10 Points on How to Clean Bong Glass

How to Clean Bong Glass: 10 Ways Ultimate Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to how to clean your bong glass.

  • Dismantle it

Even though it seems obvious, many people who are just learning how to clean windows will skip this initial step. Remove the bowls downstream from any glass you’re cleaning, whether it is a bong, dab rig, pipe,  or anything else, to the next phase after you’ve broken your item down into its component elements.

  • For soaking, place all the tiny parts in a zip-top bag, bowl, or similar container

Add the washing product to the container you just filled with your bits and bobs. In the end, you’ll want to employ isopropyl alcohol, at a greater concentration, if possible) and salt as your primary ingredients. A simple jug of alcohol and salt, which you add after each cleaning, is all you need; it doesn’t require any fancy accessories or coloring.

It comes in a gallon container, so you may use it for several cleanings with only one purchase. It comes in a gallon container, so you may use it for several cleanings with only one purchase.

  •  Allow them to soak for a while

A correct amount of cleaning solution should be used to completely immerse the items. Then let them soak in the alcohol for a while and see what happens! The more time you have to spare, the better. However, if you’re in a hurry, 5 minutes in the tub should be enough. Remember that the longer you leave them to soak, the simpler it will be to eliminate all the residues in the next stages.

  • The solution should be poured into the piece’s main chamber

While your knickknacks are getting a wash, this is an excellent time to clean the interior of the whole thing. You may use any aperture to slowly pour the cleaning fluid into the bong’s chamber. Filling the full piece isn’t a concern. Make sure you add sufficient liquid so that you can get a decent shake out of it.

  • Give it a good shake

It’s time to seal up all of the openings in the piece with your hands. The exciting part has here. Make a clap! If you can keep shaking it for a long time, the better it will be. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the resin evaporates. Don’t worry if some resin stays even after a thorough shake.

  • Clean up

How to Clean Bong Glass: 10 Ways Ultimate Guide

Once you’ve given the solution a thorough shake, it’s time to pour it out. Finally, it’s time to take advantage of the leftover solution and some elbow work to just get rid of the remaining imperfections before you wash with water.

First, use a cloth or a piece of a clean towel to clean out the item’s major apertures, and be sure to get in there to remove any lingering filth. Next, use a cloth draped over a drumstick or water jug cleaning tool for larger apertures to smear everything off thoroughly.

Paperclips, pipe cleaners (it’s in the name, after all! ), toothpicks, and other tiny objects will work for the smaller holes, such as those in pipes. Do not overthink it. In addition to cleaning your item, you can now clean your bath toys, which have been sitting in a bucket of soapy water. It’s time to go to work with a cloth or cotton swab now that the filth has mostly disappeared after an extended soak.

Your glass should appear clean and clear of any residue after completing this procedure. Because we’ll be washing the item many more times before putting it back on the shelf, a few smudges are OK.

  • It’s time for the last rinse

This is a critical part of the process. Because isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly (in less than a minute), you don’t have to worry about it sticking to the glass. However, to get rid of the chemical smell, you should properly clean everything. Using the bath, you may rinse the little pieces by loading them all with water and tossing them around.

Water should be used rather than cleaning fluid in stages 4 and 5. Thus repeat this process with a smaller chamber. To remove all traces of the alcohol solution, you may wish to rinse them several times with clean water.

  • Let them air dry

You’re close to being finished! As long as you don’t touch any of the pieces, they’ll dry on their own. Put it all back together again and appreciate your handiwork when it’s all dried and ready to be put back again.

  • Smoke

Consuming out of a newly cleaned pipe is a magical sensation. However, it isn’t strictly necessary if you’ve got a bong. It is highly recommended to fill it up with ice-cold water and your favorite flower for a once-in-a-while experience. If you’re a fan of a certain strain because of its taste, now is the best time to get your hands on some buds.

  • Do things that bring you joy

An incredible hit is pumping through your system, and the entire world is your oyster when you’ve got a brand new piece of glass in your hands. What’s next? After a cigarette, just do what makes you happy. Your hard work has paid off, so take advantage of it.

Do I Need to Clean My Bong On A Regular Basis?

How to Clean Your Bong Glass: 10 Ways Ultimate Guide

The frequency with which you will clean the bong differs. In most cases, if you just smoke occasionally, it’s good to clean your ashtray occasionally as well. When it comes to heavy smokers, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes, you’ll want to clean your rig at least once per week and, based on how often cannabis you’re consuming, you may want to wash it as often as once per day.

Do not even overlook the speed with which your bong may get filthy. The more frequently you check the water or do a general cleaning, the less frequently you will need to perform a comprehensive cleaning.

Why You Should Use a Clean Bong?

A clean bong not only improves the flavor of the smoke but also helps to keep your health in check. Insisting on using a noxious item increases your chances of developing a respiratory disease that will make future sessions impossible. Those that use pot may even be at risk of acquiring a respiratory infection, which is horrible news for them!


Moreover, Become familiar with the proper cleaning techniques for your bong, and you will safeguard both your well-being and the bong itself. Remember that a well-made bong may last a decade, but it must be maintained regularly to perform properly. Cleaning your bong on a regular basis can reduce the frequency with which you will need to thoroughly clean it.

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