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Plan the Strategy in Advance for a No-fail and Memorable Camper Van Trip!

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Did you take a campervan on hire? Have you planned your next adventure with it? Well, don’t worry. Starting with your first road trip can be daunting, but it’s not rocket science, and we can sort it out. With applications and routes, let’s start our campervan journey.

  • Use GPS navigator

It’s always suggested to plan your trip with a GPS device. Ensure the maps are updated because new roads are often built, and old roads are blocked or decommissioned. Confident-specific GPS navigators allow you to enter the vehicle type you are driving. This can save you from being directed through narrow roads or low bridges. Navigators can be set up to avoid toll roads.

  • Download applications

Many applications are available to help you navigate better in your camper vanning journey. Some applications can help you float the points you want to visit along your journey. Multiple applications are available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Some apps are even available offline.

Again, some applications provide comprehensive information on parking locations, facilities, cost, time availability, and customer reviews to make informed decisions.

  • Read the manual

Please make sure to complete the manual; it is a common mistake. Reading a long, time-consuming manual can be a tedious endeavour. But it’s essential to understand how it works. Explore the available features so you don’t have to panic midway through the journey. When renting a campervan, you can even check out that manuals are available in your language. Visit Campstar.com/ to know more.

  • Prepare for emergencies

Always plan for unforeseen situations. You shall keep all the insurance information with you before setting out for the trip, along with emergency phone numbers. It would help to learn how to report incidents to the hiring company. Some policies need to be taken care of for reporting these kinds of road accidents.

  • Carry an inverter

Invest in high-quality rechargeable 240 V or 12 V inverters to ensure your electronic devices are always thoroughly charged. It will be more crucial if you plan to camp in an area without electricity. If you plan to use your inverter with the ignition on when the engine is not working, ensure that you do not run the initial battery dry. Of course, this will not pose a problem if you have an isolator with the starting battery.

  • Understand the dimensions and weight of your campervan

You need to memorize and learn the height and length of your campervan and the weight. Getting stuck under a bridge shall be the last thing we all want. To avoid this kind of horrible incident on the road, it’s crucial to keep the length and other information of the van handy. For toll sign-up, the weight of your van is vital. Certain countries allow camper vans to go through the manual tollgates if they’re under a particular weight.

Enjoy your trip

Travelling in a campervan can seem scary initially, but it’s incredibly worth investing in. You can explore the world or your four-wheeler without any restrictions and boundaries. You can tackle your trip like a pro with the perfect tricks and tips!

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