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50 Best Prom Dresses for Short Girls 2022

Are you excited about what you are going to wear to the upcoming prom this year? Or are you just juggling over the plenty of options available in the market? Either way, we’ve got your back! Finding the right prom dress from a plethora of options available in the market can be a daunting task. We’ve invested time in curating the list of Top 20 Prom Dresses For Short Girls 2022.

To make sure you choose the right dress that is figure-flattering and makes you look stunning, it’s important to invest your time in looking for it. Fret not!  Check out the dresses to finalize the ones that will help you to grab the spotlight. 

20 Prom Dresses for Short Girls

Here is a list of the top 20 prom dresses for short girls 2022 that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Elegant Light Sky Blue Prom Dresses

One of the best dresses you can choose is the elegant and stunning light sky blue shade short dress. Sky blue is best suited for the prom dress as it will help you to look elegant and gorgeous. Additionally, a dress with an open-back structure can make you look hot and refreshing. Beading and pleats over the dress will make you feel like the queen of the prom. You can even opt for the same dress in a longer length to achieve an overall stunning look. 

  • Elegant Sweet & Flow Ivory

Another party dress you can opt for is the elegant and gorgeous sweet and flow ivory. This short dress will help you to flaunt the whole night. Opt for the white color to make the dress look mesmerizing. This party dress with little sleeves will help you ease the movement all night. This dress comes in 2nd place in our list of 20 best prom dresses for short girls in 2022.

  • Mermaid Evening Prom Dress

A Mermaid prom dress is perfect for an evening party. Make sure you opt for a brighter shade such as dark purple. This full-length skirt with a strapped back will make sure you look sexy and, at the same time, adorable. Remember, mermaid dresses come with a tight fit, so get ready to have tons of compliments on prom night. This dress has secured 3rd spot on our list of 20 best prom dresses for short girls in 2022.

  • Tight Bridal Prom Dress


Ahn! How can we forget the amazing tight bridal prom dress that is enough to grab the attention of the viewers? The nature of a tight bridal dress will provide your body with extra fit and perfect shape. Opt for the red color with a Bardot neck pattern to make sure you attain a marvelous look. Want more? Scroll down; we’ve much more covered for you! 

  • Designer Prom Dress

Made from the combination of a Mermaid Prom Dress with a skirt tucked below is enough to give you a sparkling look. This style of dress is longer than the overall height of the individual wearing it, giving a mermaid look at the end. You can choose a sparkling royal blue color to provide you with a deserving look. 

  • Long Style Prom Dress

Are you looking to have an authentic unique dress from these 50 best prom dresses for short girls in 2022? Opt for long-style prom dresses! Coming under the long style A class pattern, this long-style prom dress will give you a whole modest look.

  • Sweet & Flow Sweetheart Modest Homecoming Dresses

Next, you can opt for sweet and flow sweetheart modest homecoming dresses. They come with a unique style with beading to make sure you look pretty and fab on prom night. 

  • Sweet & Flow V Neck Pink Cocktail Dresses


Choose a dress with satin fabric to make sure it looks stunning and beautiful on you. Opting for pearl color will help you to look chic and stunning 

  • Sweet & Flow A-Line Open Back Sweet Sixteen Dresses

This prom dress with pink color will help you to be back in your sixteen years. You can enjoy a whole new look achieved by a pink prom dress with an open back. 

  • Line Elegant Lace Dresses for Prom

Why not opt for lace tulle dresses to look adorable and sexy? This Line of Elegant Lace Dresses for Prom is best suited for your needs. The white mesh over the upper part of the dress will help you to grab the spotlight of the party. 

  • Elegant Ball Gown Tulle Sequin 


If you’re looking to combine trendy design with a touch of classic design, this ball gown tulle sequin is best for your prom party. It will help you to look stylish and classic and is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

  • Sweet & Flow Princess Crystal Party Dresses

Every girl deserves to look like a princess and be the most elegant person. Therefore, this princess crystal party dress with floral prints should be your final choice. 

  • Short Open Back Modest Cocktail Dresses

What about having a short prom dress with an open back and a scoop back? Amazing, right? This is the perfect way to enhance your wardrobe and rock at the prom party. 

  • Sexy Short Style Prom Dress

If you’re a fashion diva who wants to cope with the fashion trends, this sexy short-style prom dress is perfect for the party. Opt for the pure white shade that has a center bodice and beads appliques with the sleeves. 

  • Golden Sparkles Prom Dress


Made up of satin fiber, this golden sparkling is clubbed with a plethora of golden beads. Its wide-open structure will help you to achieve the mermaid look. 

  • Strapless Trumpet Prom Dress

The solid black shade in a strapless trumpet shape will help you to rock the stage. The plenty of flares attached to the skirt make the attire for the night party. If you’re asking to pick one dress from our list of top 50 prom dresses for short girls, this one is a perfect fit for you.

  • Purple Princess Prom Dress

The prettiest purple shade in the princess prom dress will give you a sparkling look. With a strapless top, this dress comes with a sweetheart tulle skirt along with crystals beaded on it. If you’re looking to achieve a princess look, this is the best dress for your party. 

  • Fancy Sweetheart Prom Dress


One of the best prom dresses is this fancy sleeveless patterned prom dress that is backless and has an empire waistline. The chiffon material used in the dress will make you feel comfortable and, at the same time, sexy. 

  • Multi Frill Flares Prom Dress

This unique dress features a tight-fit waistline, multiple flares in the skirt, a Bardot-type neck, and much more. Opt for the beautiful pink color to make sure you look adorable and stunning. This dress falls at 19th place in the list of best prom dresses for short girls in 2022.

  • Shiny Satin Prom Dress


Last but not least, we have a dress made with high-quality satin fiber. The plain pink-toned skirt adds the overall look to the dress and makes it look more gorgeous. Additionally, the embroidery on the netted material blouse adds a glorious touch to the prom dress. 

Things To Consider Before Going To Prom Party! 

Now that you’ve finalized the dress for the prom, it’s time to prepare yourself adequately for the night. To make sure you don’t miss anything on prom night, it’s important to figure it out early. Here are a few things you need to consider before you make your way to the party. Scroll Now! 

  1. If you need any professional on your prom night, be it, a photographer, party bus, or limo, book it beforehand. 
  2. Get your tickets way before the date of the party. Remember, prices can go up as the date comes near. Therefore, it’s important to get tickets as soon as possible. 
  3. If you’re going to put up heels, be sure you get used to it. Don’t pick brand-new heels and wear them on your prom day. Once you get used to it, you can flaunt, dance, and enjoy the event. 
  4. Choose your hairstyle as well as book an appointment at the parlor. You deserve to look beautiful at night. Make sure you do justice to yourself. 
  5. Don’t overlook the other accessories you’re going to carry on the night. For instance, pick the right earrings that will go with your dress. And yes, don’t miss to grace your neck with a beautiful necklace on prom night. 
  6. Lastly, choose the right partner for your prom night. Finding the right partner can be a challenging task. Therefore, make sure you choose it way before to avoid future complications. 

Wrap up! 

Remember, prom night is the last time when you’re going to spend quality time with your high school gang. Plan it, and then rock your party. We hope we have covered every single detail regarding the planning of the prom night. First and foremost, choose the right dress to flaunt at the party and then focus on the right partner you’re going with. 

Even if you can’t go on your dream date, make sure you go with someone close to you. Pick each and everything beforehand. For girls, there are numerous things that you need to consider. Plan how you’re going to handle your hair and glam and your nails, of course. 

For a successful night, it’s wise to know some more things, such as how you’re going to get there. Book whatever you need to get yourself at the prom night. Lastly, picking the right dress isn’t enough. You need to make sure it fits you well. Figure out everything you need to make your party successful. 

What else are you waiting for? Hurry up and choose your dress, jewelry, shoes, and the right partner, of course. Don’t forget to read our other posts if you’ve liked our article on the top 50 best prom dresses for short girls in 2022.


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