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6 Best Things to do in Newport 2022

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Best things to do in Newport

Newport: An Overview

Newport town is situated where the River Usk empties into the estuary of the River Severn at its mouth. The town of Newport, a medieval borough with a castle that dates to around 1126, benefited from economic privileges granted by a number of charters, including one from 1385. But the industrialization of the nearby coalfield in the 19th century is what gave it its current significance.

Around the town of Newport, the Newport County Borough includes a region of open countryside and residential and industrial development. In this article, we will discuss the 6 best things to do in Newport in 2022.

Caerleon, often known as the “City of the Legions,” is where it first gained historical fame. Newport has always been connected to the sea, from its beginnings as a shipbuilding port to its current status as America’s yachting capital. Even New York society homes that gave Newport a reputation for extravagant displays of wealth were constructed to take advantage of the expansive sea views.

Some locals may claim that those mighty seafarers, the Vikings, constructed the mysterious stone tower that towers over the port if you pay attention to them.

More likely, it was constructed as a mill in the 1600s, but in Newport’s centuries-long history, it has joined the frequently ludicrous tales of the Vanderbilts, Astors, and their contemporaries. Newport is home to the International Tennis Hall of Fame Museum, which is housed in a historic structure that served as the location of the first US National Championships in 1881. Sailing is not Newport’s only claim to sporting fame.

A historic colonial city, Newport offers a wide range of tourist attractions, including those for lovers of sailing and boating, wine and tennis, Gilded Age mansions, and the places where Revolutionary troops, merchants, pirates, and sailors helped shape American history.

Newport has plenty of shopping and top-notch dining options, much of it on wharves that look out over the picturesque Newport Harbor. Visitors to Newport can take a beautiful stroll along the cliffs or in the compact, cobblestoned old city.

You can take a sail or power boat ride around the colorful Narragansett Bay, passing islands, lighthouses, marine creatures, and seabirds. There are some amazing wineries with fantastic tastings and entertainment not far from the city.

History of Newport

In Gwent, South Wales, the city of Newport is booming. Following the Norman conquest of Gwent in 1093, Newport was founded. They constructed a castle at River Usk ford at the beginning of the 12th century. A small settlement quickly developed next to the castle.

Because the garrisons offered a convenient market for the townspeople’s goods, cities frequently sprung up around castles in the Middle Ages. A weekly market sprung up in Newport soon after, drawing buyers and sellers from the nearby countryside.

6 Best Things to do in Newport 2022

A wooden bridge over the Usk had been constructed by the end of the 12th century. In 1265, it was destroyed during a civil war, but it was quickly restored. Newport received its first charter in 1385. (A charter was a document that gave the residents of a town specific rights.)

They were permitted to choose a Reeve—a representative who oversaw day-to-day operations in the town. They were also permitted to establish a guild, an organization that controlled trade in Newport. Newport residents were also permitted to host an annual fair.

A fair was similar to a market in the Middle Ages, although it only happened once a year for a few days. A Newport fair would draw attendees from all throughout South Wales.

The manufacturing of soap, starch, and leather tanning was among Newport’s industries in the 15th century. Additionally, there were standard craftspeople present in every town, including bakers, butchers, brewers, carpenters, and blacksmiths.

Newport was still a tiny settlement in the 16th century, nevertheless. Additionally, in 1538 Henry VIII closed the Newport friary and seized its belongings. Religious refugees from Massachusetts who had landed at the northern end of the island and established the current town of Portsmouth created Newport in 1639.

With the advent of the industrial revolution, Newport underwent a major transformation by the end of the 18th century. South Wales had a boom in the coal and iron industries.

Newport quickly grew from a tiny coastal town to one of the most significant locations in the nation for coal export and steel manufacture during the industrial revolution of the 19th century. The village gained popularity for its easily accessible modern docks. Trade grew and Newport’s reputation was enhanced by successive dock extensions; in 1914, the city shipped more than 6 million tonnes of coal annually.

The Newport Chartist rebellion in 1839 focused on the goals of the Chartists, which included a vote for all men over 21, secret votes, pay for members of parliament (MPs), and the elimination of the requirement that MPs hold property. The 1948 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights included all of these demands. Soldiers shot and killed 22 chartists; their commanders were transported but later released.

These heroes paid a price for ideals that are now taken for granted and serve as the cornerstone of contemporary parliamentary democracy. In 2002, Newport became a city. Newport is a bustling city nowadays. In 2015, Friars Walk Shopping Center debuted. 159,000 people called Newport home in 2021.

6 Best Things to do in Newport

Newport, Rhode Island, often known as the City By The Sea, is a breathtaking location to visit. Beyond its opulent appearance, Newport and its surroundings offer an unmatched choice of activities and locations. Newport may be best known for its gorgeous Gilded Age houses that previously belonged to notable families like the Vanderbilts, Kennedys, and Astors.

Newport has history, art, culture, sailing, beaches, tennis, and excellent shopping in its many shops. It has something to offer everyone. Here are the top activities in Newport, from strolling along the Cliff Walk to trying the town’s most distinctive dessert.

  • Play Tennis on a grass court at the International Tennis Hall of Fame:

    The Hall of Fame is situated on the grounds of the Newport Casino, which was where American tournament tennis was first played in 1881. As a member of the international tennis community, the International Tennis Hall of Fame is dedicated to preserving tennis history, honoring its champions, and enlightening and inspiring a global audience. Originally commissioned by James Gordon Bennett Jr. in 1880 as a posh resort, the museum is housed in the Newport Casino on Bellevue Avenue.

    6 Best Things to do in Newport 2022
    It was created by Charles Mckim and Standford White. Jimmy Van Alen, a Wimbledon champion and tennis pro, didn’t formally found the Tennis Hall of Fame and Museum until 1954. Even if you aren’t a big tennis fan, this is a fun site to visit. The Hall of Fame Tennis Championships is held on the courts, which are the oldest grass courts in the country still in operation.The grounds are exquisite and emerald green. The museum itself has an amazing collection of antiques and memorabilia that trace the development of tennis from its early days to the present. Additionally, they are the only grass competition courts that are accessible to the general public. However, a reservation is required.

  • Walk the Cliff Walk:

    Cliff Walk is a treasure for a pleasant stroll and magnificent views. This 3.5-mile oceanfront path provides the ideal viewpoint to see some of the most impressive Gilded Age residences in the city. The public is welcome to use the Cliff Walk free of charge every day from sunrise to dusk.Cliff walk gives you the chance to stroll among the magnificent mansions and private residences of this ancient city’s magnificent backyards while appreciating the ocean views that made this stretch of coast so enticing to America’s rich and famous at the close of the 19th century.

    There are a lot of public mansions along the route, such as Rosecliff and Rough Point, but The Breakers is by far the most gorgeous and outstanding property. This 70-room palace was created by Richard Morris Hunt for Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt. On the Cliff Walk, bicycles are not permitted, however, leashed dogs are permitted.
    6 Best Things to do in Newport 2022

    The Cliff Walk is open every day of the year from sunrise to dusk. More than a million daffodil bulbs blossom along the Cliff Walk and all throughout the city during the springtime Newport Daffodil Days Festival, often known as Daffy Days, which you must go to.

  • National Museum of American Illustration:

    It is often regarded as “the Most American of American art,” and the NMAI is the first national museum devoted solely to American illustration art. The National Museum of American Illustration (NMAI) was established in 1998 by husband and wife team Laurence S. Cutler and Judy Goffman Cutler, with the National Arts Club serving as its founding organization.It is housed in Vernon Court (1898), a Beaux-Arts reconstruction of an 18th-century French chateau on Newport’s storied Bellevue Avenue. The exhibit features original works by more than 150 additional illustrators from the “Golden Age of American Illustration,” including Maxfield Parrish, Howard Pyle, Jessie Willcox Smith, Charles Dana Gibson, and JC Leyendecker.

  • Sightsailing of Newport:

    Experience the yachting of the turn of the century while sailing Newport’s waterways of today, taking in spectacular vistas of the city’s legendary sunset, or cutting through the water and experiencing sailing as it was meant to be.Every expedition, whether it’s a morning mimosa sail or a dark and stormy sail, has a unique story that’s developing. Select between a leisurely tour or a private charter to see the Newport Mansions, Newport Coast, and Narragansett Bay from the harbor.

    A 60-minute Smugglers Cocktail Cruise offers a leisurely ride in Newport Harbor and around the Castle Hill neighborhood, while a 75-minute morning cruise explores the lighthouses in the southern end of Narragansett Bay and includes mimosas, madeleines, and bottled water.

  1. Fort Adams State Park: The East Passage of Narragansett Bay and Newport Harbor may both be seen in great detail from Fort Adams State Park, which is located at the mouth of Newport Harbor. Numerous activities are available in the park, such as picnics, fishing, boating, soccer, and rugby.The Jazz Festival and the Folk Festival, which take place every summer and gather thousands of people to enjoy the music and picturesque settings, are possibly Fort Adams’ best-known events.
    6 Best Things to do in Newport 2022
  2. Mansion Tours: During the Gilded Age, wealthy Americans frequented Newport, Rhode Island, which boasts a large number of mansions that are still standing today. 
  3. The Breakers: The Breakers, a Vanderbilt house designed in the Italian Renaissance style that is by far the most well-known Newport mansion, is considered to be the largest and most lavish building in Newport and serves as a symbol of the Gilded Age. 
  4. The Elms: Mr. and Mrs. Edward Julius Berwind of Philadelphia and New York spent their summers at The Elms. Mr. Berwind became wealthy through the coal business. 

    The Elms’ architecture, built between 1899 and 1901, was the ideal fusion of fantasy and practicality, evoking the romantic ambiance of a French chateau from the 18th century while also offering the Berwind family and their guests every modern amenity.
    6 Best Things to do in Newport 2022

  5. Chateau-sur-Mer: High Victorian stenciling, furniture, wallpaper, and architecture can all be found in abundance in Chateau-sur-Mer. When it was finished in 1852 and until the Vanderbilt mansions started to appear in the 1890s, it was the most opulent home in Newport. 
  6. Marble House: Alva and William Kissam Vanderbilt had the residence constructed between 1888 and 1892 as a vacation “cottage.” It was a social landmark that contributed to Newport’s metamorphosis from a summer colony of wooden homes that was more laid-back to what it is now known as a resort of wealthy stone palaces. 
  7. Rosecliff: Rosecliff is a Newport, Rhode Island, mansion from the Gilded Age that is currently accessible to the general public as a historic home museum. The J. Edgar Monroe House and the Hermann Oelrichs House are two other names for the property.The largest ballroom in Newport is located there, and Mrs. Oelrichs staged lavish events there, including a fairy tale supper and a gala where renowned magician Harry Houdini performed. Recently, “The Gilded Age,” a popular HBO series, included the Rosecliff facade.


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