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House of Spirits NYC: Overview

Adults may celebrate Halloween in a haunted home at the immersive theatrical cocktail party known as House of Spirits, which is open every October. House of Spirits has already welcomed over 50,000 visitors and has been named one of California’s top-selling haunted attractions by PR Newswire. A two-hour immersive experience called “House of Spirits” lets you explore the home and learn about macabre magic, evil séances, tarot readings, bizarre wandering specters, live music, hidden secret games, and enormous Ouija boards.

There is a plot concerning young parents Molly and Francisco Vega, who lost their kid in childbirth. In contrast to Molly, who is driven to a much deeper place by her sadness, Francisco channels his grief into art and starts a series of unsettling paintings. The film House of Spirits weaves a spooky and interactive narrative that is loosely based on the life and work of renowned Spanish painter Francisco Goya. It is strongly recommended that visitors dress elegantly, historically accurately, or in a costume.

There are currently three manifestations of the House of Spirits, and more manifestations continue to emerge annually. Each is linked to the others by recurring characters, a consistent narrative, and visceral connective tissue. Every experience has an interactive narrative of its own. Visitors can take in House of Spirits: Vaughan Hall this season at Casa Vertigo in Los Angeles. The show also focused on Irish folklore and stories that have persisted throughout the ages.

The characters and themes of the hunt are partially based on the well-known haunting of Loftus Hall in Ireland. The characters and themes of House of Spirits: Volkov Manor is loosely based on real-life inspirations, such as Grigori Rasputin’s final days, the ancient god Veles, and other Slavic folktales throughout history. The game is set in a historic mansion on Wall Street in New York and at The Alexander Mansion in Dallas.

House of Spirits NYC: Storyline

House of Spirits: A Haunted Cocktail Soiree returns in 2022

In the first season of House of Spirits, Justin Meyer created a unique plot that was partially based on Francisco Goya’s final days. The protagonist of this tale is Francisco Vega, a mysterious descendant and ardent admirer of Goya’s artwork. Vega is sequestered inside an old mansion, grieving over a significant loss, and on the verge of going insane. His paintings come to life and take him on a perilous journey. This plot blended wonderfully with the distinctive open-world, sandbox-style party experiences offered by Meyer2Meyer Entertainment.

In addition to Clive Barker’s illustrations and stories, Alvin Schwartz and Stephen Gammel’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series, and even Alejandro Jodorowsky’s surrealist films, Justine identified Goya and his Black Painting fresco series as my primary sources of inspiration. Goya is significant to our program. His ideas, his visual style, and his life narrative all had a big impact on the plot of Francisco Vega, our own original story.

The true mystery of the night is Vega’s final day, his paintings, and what they stand for. The answer to what is actually haunting the House of Spirits will be found by understanding why and how his paintings have come to life. The latest season of House of Spirits was largely influenced by Slavic folktales from across time as well as the historical account of Grigori Rasputin, an old god known as Veles who somehow manages to influence Russia’s royal line and has a reputation for mesmerizing people.

The story of renowned psychiatrist and hypnotist Doctor Grigor Volkov. Volkov reportedly held unusual beliefs in miracle treatments for mental disease, which may have contributed to the Vasiliev family’s fate. His former patients provide conflicting accounts of their treatment, which at first appeared to be effective before causing unusual side effects and allowing them to perceive strange, endless tides that changed their thinking in ways that were scarcely helpful.

Things take a terrifying turn when his recently orphaned nieces and nephews come to live with him at Volkov Manor. Children are approached by the ghosts of their Uncle’s old patients, not to frighten them but to warn them of the malevolent figure known as The Midnight Man. 

Who Created House of Spirits? A Haunted Cocktail Soiree 

House of Spirits, A Haunted Cocktail Soiree is created by Meyer 2 Meyer Entertainment, whose team also created the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride and is currently in charge of producing Rated R: A Horror Speakeasy. House of Spirits may sound like a more intense version of the latter, rebranded, and relocated to a new area for Halloween, but it actually has more in common with Ghost Ship, a nearby forgotten one-shot that the Haunted Hayride developers created in 2011.


The Ghost Ship, which offered a three-level experience on a harbor cruise yacht with ghostly hosts and entertainers on the main deck, a show on the top deck, and a terrifying maze on the bottom deck, was not well received by the general public. It was a fantastic idea that fell short of its potential. The yacht didn’t offer a creepy enough environment, and it was hard to pack enough entertainment into its hull to last the entire 90-minute tour.

In 2019, Melissa and Justin Meyer of Meyer2Meyer Entertainment debuted Casa Vega, the first season of their eerie event idea known as House of Spirits. The pandemic ended events in 2020, but they resumed with the second season of the event in 2021, followed by Volkov Manor in 2022. House of Spirits debuted in New York City and Dallas, Texas, respectively, last year. Six cities, including Seattle, Houston, Los Angeles, and Nashville, hosted various seasons of the event this year.

Since this is a more “choose your own adventure” type of event, how spooky the encounter is depends on the individual. Others delve a little deeper and participate in scavenger hunts and walk through a dark maze with strobe lights and plenty of monsters lurking in the shadows, ready for a pop-out scare. Some choose to stroll through the rooms, take in performances, and hang out by the bars, while others dig a little deeper and do these things. The Haunted Cocktail Soiree is another name for the House of Spirits.

The ideal beverages for each season were selected in collaboration with L.A.-based Conscious Cocktails. Four or five tiny drinks are included with admission, and for guests with premier access, a chocolate sommelier has created a chocolate complement for each drink. This year, Justin Meyer had the brilliant idea to include chocolates, so they named the ticket the “Adult Trick-or-Treating” edition, and I teamed up with a French company.

House of Spirits NYC 2022

At an open-world cocktail party held in the Mysterious Volkov Manor this year, House of Spirits returned with a new season of sinister mysteries. When the Vasiliev kids moved in with their uncle, Doctor Grigor Volkov, a renowned hypnotist, and psychiatrist, he found the ghosts of his old patients wandering the halls, but not to scare them; rather, they appear bent on defending the kids from The Midnight Man, a malevolent spirit.

A two-hour performance that included deeply delectable chocolate truffle samples, handmade beverages, and a chilling legend was enjoyed by everybody. House of Spirits: Volkov Manor’s characters and themes are partly inspired by historical figures and events like Grigori Rasputin’s last days, the god Veles, and various Slavic folktales. In this two-hour immersive drinking experience, a chilling and interactive narrative will leave visitors feeling pleasantly uneasy.

The event was held at 60 Pine Street in New York, a historic home on Wall Street. This year, Justin Meyer had the brilliant idea to include chocolates, so they named the ticket the “Adult Trick-or-Treating” edition, and I teamed up with a French company. A few combinations of delicate chocolates with the cocktails in this year’s House of Spirits season were The Sluagh cocktail, which is made with gin, elderflower, mint, and lime, went perfectly with the Truffle Milk Z, which has gooey, sweet, and salty caramel and a bit of crunch from pralines and hazelnuts, covered in Ivory Coast milk chocolate.

The Wexford, which is made with Press Apple Cinnamon Hard Selter, bourbon brandy, and lime with smooth Truffle Cinnamon Ganache; and the Lavender. Each room had a different theme, and the drinks and chocolates in each room matched that theme. 

House of Spirits Ticket Options

Prices for House of Spirits tickets range from $70 to $90.

House of Spirits Standard Ticket

The standard ticket price, which starts at $70, includes entrance to all immersive attractions and performance areas, 4 tiny artisan drinks inspired by various rooms in the property, and complete access to the experience.

House of Spirits Plus Ticket

The plus tickets, which start at $75, provide you complete access to the experience as well as 4 miniature craft cocktails and an additional fifth craft cocktail.

House of Spirits Premier Ticket

This gives you first admittance and first access to the entire experience. Include four tiny craft drinks and an additional fifth craft cocktail. A chocolate sommelier has paired French chocolate truffles with each beverage. There will be food and drinks for sale at the event, with the Premier ticket starting at $90 and including cocktails, beer, wine, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

What is the Cocktails offered by the House of Spirits?

For big businesses, experiential marketing and immersive events are their areas of expertise at Meyer2Meyer Entertainment. With their immersive sandbox-style parties, imaginative and distinctive character designs, and their inclusion of food and drink in their events designed for adults like House of Spirits, Meyer2Meyer has established a name for itself in its own right. The Legend of Vaughan Hall is another expertly-balanced cocktail created by House of Spirits, marrying spirits that are ectoplasmic and intoxicating in equal measure.

The sweet flavors of a fun party are offset by the fragrant bitters of a traffic-haunted past. The adherence to a reliable recipe appeases fans of the earlier creations while adding depth to the scent with additions. Visitors to Vaughan Hall search for hints from weird animals, ask questions of tortured spirits, and see dramatizations of the tragedy in an effort to learn the awful secret that is actually to blame for the haunting.

The first notable difference is that Casa Vertigo, a historic building in Los Angeles’ North University Park neighborhood, serves as the setting for the entirety of House of Spirits for the first time. Vertigo exudes elegance and has enough of room for Legend of Vaughan Hall to fill. Normally, House of Spirits takes place on several floors, however this time, there are numerous rooms spread throughout numerous floors. They also construct a game and a maze, which contrast the general festive vibe with something menacing.

Rasputin’s historical persona served as the inspiration for the new ensemble of characters in House of Spirits. It is time to investigate the mystery of the mansion by leaving the main level and going either up or below after mixing with Volkov and consuming enough booze to boost your bravery. The basement can be reached by going further into the darkness.

There are two routes: Midnight Man and Veles Blue. The Midnight Man Maze, a journey down a pitch-black road haunted by the enigmatic figure whose name you’ll hear spoken several times throughout the night’s events, is even more terrifying. Instead of getting a punch card punched for one drink from each bar at House of Spirits, customers receive chits that can be used as needed from selected bars.

The Rachmaninov, the Anastasia, and Embers of Autumn are just a few of the unique drinks that are served at each bar throughout the evening. The House of Spirits in New York continues to be the pinnacle of this genre of entertainment because of its wide range of entertainment. The main floor and the backyard frequently serve as an open world where the highlighted figures who haunt the location can be interacted with against a backdrop of music, dancers, and acrobats.


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