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Spanaway Park

Beautiful Spanaway Park, Washington is only forty minutes from Seattle. Thanks to the breathtaking vistas of Spanaway Park and the lush hills, many people are relocating to Spanaway. Spanaway is renowned for its warm neighborhood and the numerous young families who reside there. The city boasts wonderful real estate, especially for starting homes, is close to big cities, and is reasonably priced. A popular and bustling 135-acre park on Spanaway Lake is split in half by Military Road, and its pedestrian crossing gives access to both parks.

Two swimming beaches without lifeguards, a boat launch, a fishing pier, handicapped restrooms, a new picnic area by the south swimming beach, a recently renovated boat ramp, ADA playground equipment with a seating plaza for parents, a new three-mile trail system by Little Spanaway Lake, as well as shoreline restoration, are just a few of the aquatic recreation options available to park visitors. Due to a Donation Land Claim holder with that name, Spanaway Lake was formerly known as Bushelier Lake.

The U.S. Board of Geographic Names did not alter the community’s legal name, Lake Park, until 1970. Large trees like oaks and hemlocks provide the impression that this is a well-known and established city park, and the off-season is a calmer period because there aren’t as many swimmers and boaters around. To access the trails for the Bresemann Forest section of the park, cross the road from the park entrance and go through the fence opening. Large Douglas firs that are 4 to 5 feet in diameter and sword ferns, Oregon grape, and salal cover the forest floor in this 70-acre natural area.


This woodland has numerous pathways, but some of them are still obstructed by trees that fell during the winter storms. Follow the path by the creek in Bresemann Forest for a pleasant stroll, then turn east to reach the sports grounds of the Harry Sprinker Recreation Center. Skirt the athletic fields, taking in the lovely sight of Mount Rainier towering over a baseball backstop, then turn around and return to the area of the woodland close to the climbing structure.

Softball fields are another part of the park. Along several thousand feet of waterfront, there are walking routes, basketball courts, and a playground. The Fantasy Lights Walk and Fantasy Lights are located there throughout the holiday season. The area’s largest drive-through holiday light shows are these exhibits.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Into Spanaway Park?

It’s vital to be aware of what is available to you and your family before going to the park. The public is welcome to utilize both the boat launch and the trailer parking. The park’s restrooms will be open and used at all times. Tickets costing $4 each must be ordered in advance online only. Parking for lunch costs $10.00, and parking for cars costs $3.00.

Spanaway Park Fantasy Lights

The largest holiday drive-through exhibit in the Pacific Northwest, Fantasy Lights at Spanaway Park has approximately 300 complex installations and thousands of glittering lights. The entire family now looks forward to the picturesque two-mile journey around Spanaway Lake. At Spanaway Park in Spanaway, Washington, the two miles-long Fantasy Lights Walk leads you past animated displays. Fantasy Lights Walk involves purchasing tickets in advance.

Except for children under the age of three, everyone attending needs a ticket. A fantastic world of animation and imagination where bears fly kites, Santa and Rudolph sail a towering ship, snow boys kick field goals, penguins slide down an igloo, and reindeer leap over your automobile will be presented to visitors of all ages. Additionally, when the park is transformed into a shimmering wonderland with new displays added each year, you will be astounded by additional LED illumination all over the place. With a new rocket ship, an octopus, marine turtles, and a big clam display witness the festive season come to life.

Best Activities to do in Spanaway Park

Visit the wonderful Spanaway Park in Tacoma, Washington. The Park offers a wide range of activities. It has been used for recreation by Pierce County for more than a century; as such, it is the oldest county-owned recreation area in Washington State. Elk are among the many creatures, flowers, and plants in the park. There are plenty of activities to do there, including boating, hiking, and even participating in educational programs with schoolchildren all year long that instruct them about nature and conservation initiatives, so you won’t have to worry about getting bored while you’re there.


In this recreational area in Seattle, fishermen can cast their lines from a number of docks that are spread out in various locations. Even at low tides, when other areas might not have enough depth for proper anchoring, some platforms deep into the ocean provide them safe access to deeper waters than others, making it ideal for fishing. Coming here for a stroll and taking in the fresh air is one of the locals’ other favorite pastimes. For those who enjoy the great outdoors, Spanaway Park has a lot to offer.

All outdoor enthusiasts can find something to enjoy at Spanaway Park, whether they’re looking for horseback riding, biking, or hiking trails. Elk and deer are just two of the many species of wildlife that call the Park home. Since the Park contains a variety of ecosystems, there is always a chance to spot a new species that would otherwise be uncommon in the region. Visitors to the Park have reported seeing a variety of nocturnal creatures, including owls and raccoons, which emerge when it gets too hot during the day.

What Not to do at Spanaway Park?

People of all ages and abilities enjoy Spanaway Park because it is hip and trendy. To guarantee everyone’s safety while enjoying this stunning outdoor space, there are a number of guidelines that visitors to the Park must follow. 

  • The first regulation is that when visiting Spanaway Park, dogs must always be kept on leashes. This guarantees not only that your pets will have enough space to roam but also that they won’t be attacked or flee from you in the event that they become startled by something unusual happening in the park, such as an animal rustling through the bushes nearby, which might cause them to panic and flee without thinking about where they are going.
  • Taking firewood from Spanaway Park is another prohibited activity. This restriction is necessary to ensure that visitors have access to enough wood for future fires as well as to comply with the law, which makes it prohibited to remove any plants or vegetation from national forests without the appropriate documentation, which the majority of tourists Spanaway Park would never be able to obtain.

  • The animals are dangerous and should not be touched. If you give them food scraps from your meal, they could hurt people or animals who come into contact with them. This applies to park bunnies, ducks, geese, and squirrels. If these animals behave in a way that makes it risky for people to approach the area where they live or if they get food from people either directly or indirectly through other visitors dropping leftovers on the ground, animal control personnel will relocate them.

Restaurants Near Spanaway Park

  • Marzano Italian Restaurant: Marzano combines modern touches with traditional Italian cuisine. To create authentic Italian cuisine, Marzano’s chefs source the freshest ingredients. Elisa Marzano, the restaurant’s owner, was raised in Vicenza, Italy, and frequently draws inspiration from her heritage while creating Marzano’s distinctive yet timeless menu. The restaurant, which was formerly a charming two-bedroom house, has undergone transformation but has retained its cozy, rustic ambiance. A popular dish on the menu is the boscaiola, which is rigatoni pasta topped with a creamy tomato and Bolognese sauce, various spices, and woodland mushrooms.

  • Texas de Brazil: Texas de Brazil is a churrascaria, or Brazilian steakhouse, that offers many portions of flame-grilled beef, lamb, hog, chicken, and Brazilian sausage in addition to a lavish salad area with a broad selection of specially created seasonal dishes. Treat yourself to the 50–60 item seasonal salad section, which also features soups, salads, gourmet veggies, and appetizers.

  • Stanley Seafort’s: An iconic building in Tacoma with sweeping views of the city and the busy Commencement Bay waterfront. In our cozy, inviting, and roomy dining area, you can enjoy supper, weekend brunch, or perhaps a special business or romantic occasion. As our guests, join our lifelong friends and regular visitors who have shared many happy moments with us over the years.

  • The Melting Pot: The Melting Pot offers a special, interactive dining experience in a relaxed-elegant, small setting in the heart of Tacoma’s historic downtown. Visit our upscale fondue restaurant after attending a concert at The Tacoma Dome, the Dale Chihuly Museum of Glass at The Tacoma Art Museum, or a family adventure to the Point Defiance Zoo.
    Select from 1, 2, 3, or more courses, which may include tantalizing meats and seafood, fresh salads with homemade dressings, and, of course, rich chocolate fondue served with a variety of delectable dippers. Savory cheeses are produced tableside. Drink a craft beer, a specialty cocktail, or a glass of wine from our comprehensive wine list to go with your choices.

  • Primo Grill: The finest of the region’s produce is featured at Primo Grill, a chef-driven Mediterranean by Northwest restaurant. The grill and brick oven serve locally grown veggies, wild-caught seafood, and meat from nearby farms. Chef Charlie McManus and Jacqueline Plattner, the establishment’s owners, focus on Washington wines and hand-muddled artisanal cocktails while providing a casual yet elegant experience.

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