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Top 10 Haunted Hotels UK to Visit in 2023

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Top 10 Haunted Hotels UK to Visit in 2023 - travel daily news

Getting a good night’s sleep before a day of sightseeing is the most important thing to do when traveling unless the goal is to have a restless night. Since Victorian-era interest in mediums, and spirit channeling, the public has been fascinated with supernatural things. Before that, people often told ghost stories around the campfire or at the local bar. Now, there are too many ghost-hunting shows on TV. Britain has a reputation as one of the most haunted countries in the world, and haunted hotels UK are world-famous. If you’re looking for a holiday spot that will fulfill your hopes of encountering the “beyond,” you’ve found it. Even if you hope you never see your nighttime visitor again, you might!

Top 10 Haunted Hotels to Stay in the UK

In Europe, the UK is known for having a strong cultural influence. Many visitors to the UK are surprised to learn that the country is also home to several supposedly haunted buildings and sites. There are several haunted locations in the United Kingdom due to the country’s lengthy history and numerous terrifying accident stories. There are some terrifying places in the UK, and these top 10 spooky hotels are among them:

  • Ruthin Castle Hotel, Ruthin, North Wales

Many people think that Ruthin Castle, now a five-star hotel and spa, is one of the spookiest places in Wales. Among the numerous ghosts that call this place home is “Grey Lady.” The Grey Lady was the wife of the second-in-command at the citadel during Edward I. According to legend, she was put to death after being found guilty of killing her husband’s mistress and punished to death. Her evil ghost still haunts the castle and its battlements.

  • Boscastle’s Wellington Hotel

More of an ancient inn, this hotel has been the site of several claims of paranormal activity and strange occurrences. It makes it an ideal destination for supernatural fans. The Wellington Hotel is home to several ghost stories in terms of haunted hotels UK, the most popular of which involves an older woman who walks the halls before vanishing via a closed door. But you may know this ghost better if you stay in room 9.

  • Norfolk’s Bell Hotel

This once-quaint inn has undergone extensive renovations over the years to become the finest accommodation in all of Thetford. The rooms in the newer part of the hotel with views of the river are the greatest, while the rooms on King Street have a lot of history. One employee has said she would never stay in any of them since the property’s former landlady haunts her. The hotel is well located for exploring the adjacent Thetford Forest, and it’s nice to know that furry friends are welcome to go along on the adventure.


  • Telford’s Mercure Madeley Court Hotel

Top 10 Haunted Hotels UK to Visit in 2023 - travel daily news

Mercure’s Telford hotel, housed in a manor home built in the 1600s, is often considered one of the most haunted establishments in Britain. In truth, before it was turned into a hotel, the house was abandoned because of rumors that evil spirits made their home there.

  • Bicester’s Weston Manor Hotel

The Weston Manor Hotel is the oldest building on this list. It was built in the 1100s, and people say that a lady in white haunts it. When people found out that a local nun was having an affair with a monk, they were very upset. The nun was given the death penalty for this crime and burnt at the stake. You must stay in the Oak Room to encounter the nun’s spirit.

  • Edinburgh’s Dalhousie Castle

Legend has it that Lady Catherine had a broken heart at this castle and has been haunting it since her death there in the 13th century. Stories have it that guests and passers-by have heard her wailing, her skirts rustling, and even her knocking on the door.

  • Warwick Castle, Warwick

Warwick Castle has been there for almost a thousand years. Hence, it is no surprise that it has a long history of ghostly occurrences and sinister rumors. For example, many people have reported seeing a ghostly black dog roaming the house grounds.

  • The Mermaid Inn, Rye

Guests have reported seeing spirits in many different rooms around the Mermaid Hotel. People can see a grey woman in the living room, a man walking through walls, and the smuggler’s wife sitting in a rocking chair. In addition, employees have reported experiencing chilly spots and hearing noises that can’t be explained.

  • Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

If you’re looking for a spooky location to stay, you should spend your money on Chillingham Castle since many ghost sightings have been reported there throughout the years. The castle even hosts ghost tours of the grounds for believers and skeptics alike. Yet it also succeeds as a place to stay, thanks to its eight extremely comfortable self-contained apartments. This apartment has beautiful grounds between the main castle and a nearby coaching building.

  • Charlton House

People think Charlton House in London is one of the most ghostly places in the city. Several people have lived there, and almost all have seen ghosts. And many are still saying they’ve seen them today. The Grey Lady seems the most active ghost here, often exploring the property while holding a baby.


Every haunted building has a fascinating history, from the grandest mansions to the spookiest hotels. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, you can enjoy the excitement of staying in one of these haunted hotels UK. Every stay at one of these hotels is full of mystery and suspense. All thanks to the rumors and tales of ghosts, mythology, and folklore surrounding it.

Staying at one of the top 10 ghostly hotels in the United Kingdom is a must for anyone looking for a scary time. So book a room at one of these hotels if you think you can handle the spirits that reside there. But beware, you could take more than just vacation photos home with you.

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